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Thank you so much for visiting our site dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ, and all the special children who have been a part of Grupo Emanuel.

Jesus said, " Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven."   Mt. 19:14 NKJ
One day we were noticing that all these kids were just hanging around the colonia. and I got to thinking that there ought to be something constructive for them to do, or be involved in. Something that would not only be constructive for them in their idle time, but that would also help them to focus on the Lord and perhaps to find their place in the Kingdom of God. We got some of them coming around and started them playing with the tambourines. Well, it caught on and they really began teaching themselves. Sol, and Belinda and the teachers kept working with them and they just keep getting better. Now we come up with an idea, mention it to them and they take it and make it happen.
We have seen change come into the lives of these kids since we formed Grupo Emanuel. We see them growing in the Lord, we also see them growing in confidence as they have come to realize that even though they are only children, God can use them, and they have value to Him. It has been a joy for Sol and I, as we take them around to various churches and watch them minister.  


Grupo Emanuel is a ministry of Handiwork 4 God
and is based in Colonia Santa Maria in Matamoros
We are accepting invitations for the kids to come
and minister in churches and Christian events in
 Mexico. For scheduling information please contact
us at the address below.

Handiwork 4 God
Jack & Soledad Jackson
Ph. (314) 910-1109


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